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Executive Assistant Training Courses

The Executive Assistant Training Center offers a range of Internationally Accredited training courses and diplomas in the United States and Canada. Our accrediting body is the Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators (IEAA), an international professional training body for Executive Assistants and similar professionals. Our qualifications and course page provides more details about the IEAA’s qualification frameworks.

Our Executive Assistant Courses are designed to ensure that delegates can gain the skills, confidence and professional qualification needed to develop their resume and be successful Executive Assistants. The qualification framework has several levels that will enable administrative professionals, office managers, PAs, Executive Assistants and other related professions to develop their careers.

The Executive Assistant Training Center offers high-quality courses with experienced trainers.


Learn more about the qualifications we offer and what level suits your requirements. We offer all levels of the IEAA qualification framework, which means we can offer our delegates the ability to attain these professional qualifications. You can see full details of the different programs.

EA Training Courses

We offer the full range of Executive Assistant Training Courses for all experience and skill levels. Many top organisations worldwide have chosen IEAA training courses to develop their Executive Assistants. Our experienced trainers have delivered courses to many top Executive Assistants in prominent organizations in all types of sectors of the economy.

We additionally offer training courses for PAs, Executive PAs, Office Managers, Office Administrators and other administrative professionals. The IEAA’s qualification is designed to enable our delegates to progress their careers to the most senior, higher-earning career types.

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