Corporate Training for Executive Assistants

Corporate Training can be offered in many formats for organizations that would like to train individuals or groups of people. Our courses follow the IEAA qualification, which is ideal for people looking for career progression.┬áThe qualification is designed to foster succession and succession planning for participants. If you are from a Human Resource department or are just looking to create a training and development program for Executive Assistants and Administrators, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Virtual Classroom Training

Our primary format for training is Virtual Classroom training which enables delegates to attend a training program in an interactive format run by an experienced trainer. This can be delivered to the all-time zone in North America. Additionally, you can opt to join our public courses or arrange private and tailored courses for your organizations.

Online Training Courses

We offer online courses for our Microsoft Office training courses. Primarily we provide courses aimed at Executive Assistants, Office Administrators and similar professions. However, we partner with Microsoft office specialists and can offer a wide range of Microsoft Office training for all jobs and interests. This is done in partnership with a Certified Microsoft Academy. In Microsoft Office, we offer both IEAA and CPD Accreditation.


All corporate bookings can be taken by buying courses online on this site, or you can request Invoices. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our offices.

On-site Training

If you would like our trainers to come to your site, we can arrange for our trainers to deliver training programs. We can travel anywhere in the US or Canada. We can also work with European and other international partners to support global organizations or colleagues.