Accredited Executive Assistant Training Courses

We offer the full range of PA and Executive Assistant Training Courses with Certificates and Diplomas from the start to the highest level, Level 5. This enables delegates to gain core administrative and PA skills at the starter levels. However, representatives can continue to the higher Executive levels, where they will learn to work with senior management and deal with more complex business scenarios.


The Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators (IEAA) accredits all our training courses. This means each course listed below will offer either a Certificate or a Diploma upon successful completion. Gaining an internationally recognized qualification can build your career and boost your resume. Many top EAs around the world in top organizations have taken the IEAA qualifications.

Format of Training Courses

We have two main types of training that will enable delegates from all over the United States and Canada. Our courses are run on schedules that enable attendance from all time zones within North America. The majority of our training programs are delivered through virtual classroom courses. This means an experienced trainer will deliver interactive courses to delegates. We limit our class sizes to ensure good interaction with the trainer. Training materials, exercises and discussions are the same as in live classroom scenarios. Virtual classroom courses follow a fixed course timetable. Please note that we offer online training for our Microsoft Office training modules. This is not held with a live tutor and can be completed on a flexible study schedule.

Executive Assistant Certifications

Executive Assistant Training Courses

Our courses follow the IEAA qualification, and we offer the primary levels.

Level 3 for PAs or Personal Assistants

  • This is for people looking to learn the core administrative skills to be an effective office administrator and assistant. This is the most common starting point for inexperienced delegates.

Level 4 is for Executive PAs

  • Here you will learn more advanced administrative skills and managerial and working skills to enable you to work with and support a high-level Executive. This is a significant transition in your career, as you will gain the skills and confidence to work comfortably in the Executive / C-Level arena.

Level 5 is for Executive Assistants

  • Here you will learn a range of more advanced business skills that will enable you to deliver more advanced business support to your Executive. This rise and diversity of skills is the difference between higher-paid Executive Assistant jobs and more average wages.

Below you can see the details of the training courses:

EA Courses

PA Courses – Level 3

Executive PA Courses – Level 4

Executive Assistant Courses – Level 5

Microsoft Office Courses