Accredited Certification

All of our courses are internationally accredited. They all offer various levels of PA or Executive Assistant Qualifications. This ensures that we can offer accredited professional qualifications. We provide Certificates and Diplomas for all levels of Assistants. This ensures you can gain high-quality tuition, skills and professional qualifications. This will open up your career options and enhance your resume.

Executive Assistant Qualifications

Our accrediting body is the Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators. They boast qualifications at all levels of your career development. This means that you can follow the qualification as you develop your career. IEAA-trained Executive Assistants and administrative professionals can be found worldwide in many top organizations.

The qualification means you can progress from Level 3 PAs to Level 4 Executive PAs and finally to Level 5 Executive Assistants. There are clear learning outcomes at each level that correspond to the expectations in the job market. The IEAA verifies our training programmes and deliveries to ensure the highest training standards.

You can see full details of the IEAA Qualification framework on their website. The full explanation of the career development and qualification framework can be seen on the Qualification page of their site.

Executive Assistant Certifications

Professional Qualifications

You can see the list of courses that we offer on our Courses page. Here you can see the details of each course, the training format, the fees and the professional qualification title. You will find all of our courses are online or in virtual classrooms. This enables people from across the United States and Canada to easily attend our courses without additional travel costs.


All of our course fees include registration as a student with the IEAA. Additionally, your first assessments are included. Any re-sit fees for failed exams will be additional, but they are relatively small administration fees. The IEAA will publish helpful information for modern EAs. Additionally, there will be more career advise and salary surveys published by the IEAA.