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Categories: Jobs

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New Jobs for 2023

2023 is an unusual job market. The economy is not doing as well as it has previously done. US inflation has been high in 2022, and interest rates have risen. This has led to a rise in living costs across the US and Canada that we have not seen in decades. International studies have shown that New York and Los Angeles have risen towards the top of the table regarding the global cost of living. The only strange thing about this situation is that the job market is not bad. Usually, unemployment is high when we experience these issues, but we do not have exceptionally high unemployment this time.

Jobs Ideas for 2023

When people ask me if I should move jobs when the economy is not too stable, my typical answer is no. Stay put and ride it out until things look better. Be happy that you have a job. However, this economic situation is not bringing as higher unemployment as it has historically. Therefore, it could be a good idea to look for a new job as there are opportunities.

One thing to consider is that our economy has changed due to the global pandemic. There is a clear move towards careers that entail working from home. Technology-based careers are bound to keep growing. Additionally, remote working jobs are much safer. Jobs that I would not pursue exist only because of a physical workplace, like being a Receptionist. This people-facing and office-based job have seen a downturn since the pandemic. Looking for New Jobs in 2023 could be ideal for many jobseekers.

  1. Executive Assistants Jobs

According to the IEAA, average US salaries are approximately $66,000. Additionally, higher-end salaries in California can reach as high as $132,000. These are not the highest salaries you can earn, but they are not bad compared to many other careers. However, this is not the reason to consider being an Executive Assistant. This career is growing because of the diverse business support an EA offers a high-level Executive. Business is more complex, and support is more complex. Therefore, a more capable Executive Assistant is needed instead of more traditional administrative support jobs. See our Executive Assistant Courses here.

  1. Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are self-employed people that offer administrative support to business people. This enables experienced administrators to work from home and be their bosses. Given that this is a working-from-home job that uses technology, it will likely continue to be a growth area.

  1. Data Entry

Data Entry is not necessarily the highest-paid area but a growth area. If you are keen to get a job and start your career, Data Entry is growing and building skills for career development. You will gain IT skills and awareness of office administration that you can develop in a job that is often remote working based.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the way that marketing is now done. Likewise, the job is a growth area, and there will be more jobs to come in the area. The skillset is very beneficial and can be used in many ways. It is also potentially high earning if you are good at it. You could even open your own freelance business as a Digital Marketer.





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