Our Executive PA Course gives our delegates the confidence and managerial capability to function alongside the executive manager. The promotion of office administrators or PAs to working in an executive arena is a big move forward, and this course is designed to facilitate this move forward. The course is ideal for someone who already possesses the skill base of a PA or Office Administrator and is looking to move up to an Executive PA or Executive Assistant.

Training Format

All training is delivered online. The course is provided in Virtual Classrooms and is led by experienced trainers at their respective levels. The training content and ability to speak to the trainer or your colleagues are similar to the live classroom experience.  The course is very practical and has numerous exercises to simulate work tasks. This helps to develop real job skills and prepares delegates to launch their careers.

Executive PA Course

Course Content

On the job

  • The transition from PA to the Executive level
  • Written Business Communication at the Executive Level
  • How to take a lead role in meetings
  • Tips on taking minutes
  • Personal Performance

Confidence building to deal with executive-level environments

  • Synchronising your role with that of your executive
  • Setting priorities, managing your role/career to meet executive’s needs
  • Delegation, multi-tasking effectively, taking initiative
  • Executive Skills

Introduction to Management Theory

  • Styles of management
  • Relationship with your executive/s; how can you provide effective support
  • Communication skills

Effective communication skills

  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Different questioning styles; how to use questions effectively
  • Office politics for an Executive Assistant
  • The value of networking

Business Skills

  • Explanation of the role of social media in the modern executive arena
  • Overview of Project Management and Event Management for EA’s
  • Communicating and negotiating win-win solutions; this can be internal or external
  • Human resources – EA as an interface with this function

Developing relationships throughout the organisation

  • Understanding other people at work; what do they think?
  • Understanding how to handle stakeholders and their importance to your role
  • Passive vs aggressive vs assertive
  • Saying “no” is sometimes necessary

The Future

  • Take control of your career and advance your career with a clear plan
  • Build your map for the future.

Other training options

This course is part of the Executive PA Diploma and the Executive Assistant Diploma.

When can I start?

  • Full-time and intensive option
      • The Executive PA Course runs on three consecutive days. It runs from Monday – Wednesday, from 11:30 – 17:30 Eastern or 08:30 – 14:30 Pacific. This option is a fixed timetable and will be attended by a group of students in a virtual classroom.

Course Requirements

Ideally, you will have experience working as a PA, Administrative Assistant or similar administrative career. This will enable you to use the course to hone your skills and move to the next level.

Anyone with doubts about their suitability, please get in touch with us.

Advantages of this course

  • Thousands of delegates have taken the course, and many now work in top Executive Assistant roles at major organisations.
  • Gain a professional qualification to build your resume
  • IEAA accreditation for the certificates
  • Enhance your career options and employability
  • Gain from the guidance of experienced trainers