The IEAA Accredited Minute Taking Course offers learners the ability to gain Minute Taking Skills. This is a fundamental skill for any Executive Assistant. This is an optional advanced business skills option within the Level 5 Executive Assistant Diploma.

Course Format

All training is delivered online. Our courses are delivered in Virtual Classrooms and are led by an experienced Minute Taking trainer. The training content and ability to speak to the trainer or your colleagues are similar to the live classroom experience.  The course is very practical and has numerous exercises to simulate work tasks. This helps to develop real job skills and prepares delegates to launch their careers.

Minute Taking Course

Course Content

  •  Styles of minutes
  •  Writing styles available.
  •  Chairperson’s duties and responsibilities of the minute taker.
  •  Establishing good working rapport with the Chair.
  •  Creating an agenda – where to start and what other people will expect.
  •  Researching and preparing for a meeting.
  •  Practical application of the agenda
  •  Training your mind to look for key points
  •  Note-taking – practical exercises; Sorting information effectively and knowing what is important.
  •  The importance of good minutes
  •  What is a good set of minutes;
  •  Re-writing poor minutes
  •  Bad minutes – feedback session.
  •  Overcoming the passive voice; correct tone and professional language, questions and answers with our experienced trainer.

When can I start?

You can take this course in several methods:

  • One day course
    • The runs from 11:30 – 17:30 Eastern or 08:30 – 14:30 Pacific. A live tutor runs it. It is in a virtual classroom.

Course Requirements

There are no set requirements.

Advantages of this course

  • Thousands of delegates have taken the course, and many now work in top PA and Executive Assistant roles at major organisations.
  • Gain a professional qualification to build your resume
  • IEAA accreditation for the certificates
  • Enhance your career options and employability
  • Gain from the guidance of experienced trainers